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$99 a year. Thats only 27¢ a day!

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$99 a year. Tax included
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How it will work?

We will take the information and pictures from your website and create the ad. If you don't have a website or want to use different content on your ad we would have you send us the information in an email. Once we complete your ad we will send it to you for review before we put it on our website.

Why Advertise with us?

  • It’s Easy! We'll build your ad for you at no additional charge.
  • It’s Targeted. We link your ad directly to your site and refer only interested visitors to your site.
  • We give you up to two category to list for your business in, plus it will be listed under the City/Town it is in.
  • Our web site is very organized and easy to use.
  • Most importantly our entire website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO).
    Search engines will have no problem finding and indexing your Ad.
  • We are working with Provinces and Territories Tourism departments to improve tourism in Canada.
  • A detailed map will show visitors the exact location of your business.
  • Easy to send and update your ad information.
  • It Works! We’re experts at online promotion and search engine optimization, which means we know how to attract the people surfing the web.
  • Check out our search engine results here

    Continue reading below to find out other reason's why your business should advertise with us!

How are we better than other website's? Some website's only have information on a single Province or Territory; our website includes information on all Provinces and Territories so visitors do not have to leave and find information for other regions elsewhere. We are not as large as some website's that cover many other countries and lose focus. Here at ComeExploreCanada we are committed and focused on travel and tourism only in Canada. Want to improve your position in Google and other large Search Engines, we can help. We provide you with a direct link to your website. Read our Direct Link To Your Website For SEO Purposes section below to find out more.

What you get when you advertise on ComeExploreCanada:

Maple Leaf icon Full page website Ad, just like your own personal web site. (sample)
Maple Leaf icon List your business in up to two different Category and in the Community
Maple Leaf icon Unlimited text to describe your business. (read more)
Maple Leaf icon Direct Link To Your Website For SEO Purposes (read more)
Maple Leaf icon Contact Information for your business (website, email, phone, etc.)
Maple Leaf icon Up to 10 Large images with captions to showcase your business. (read more)
Maple Leaf icon Portion of money dedicated to advertising ComeExploreCanada (read more)
Maple Leaf icon Full page Ad will be submitted to Google Sitemaps. (read more)
Maple Leaf icon Full page Ad will be SEO ready. (read more)
Maple Leaf icon Map of your business location. (sample)
Maple Leaf icon Your business location on Google Earth (sample) or download KML
This download file requires Google Earth (download here)
Maple Leaf icon NO Setup Fee, No Hidden Costs, and Tax Included.



Compare to other forms of Advertising.

Newspaper Newspaper - Over $250/week
*Only reaches limited number.
  Radio Radio Ads - Over $100/per exposure
*Plus hundreds of dollars to create the ad
*Only reaches limited number.
  Magazines Magazines - $2,000 to $10,000 an issue
* Too expensive for most businesses.
  Other Websites Other website's $100 - $300- Allow one image and a limited amount of text
  • Very little % of revenue spent to promote and attract visitors.
  • Very hard for visitors to find what they're looking for.
  • Pop up and banner Ad's clutter the website and annoy visitors.
  • Other sites are not optimized for the search engines
  • Do not provide a Direct Link To Your Website
  • Hidden or extra fees
  • No Detail maps

    Just to list a few!




Currently ComeExploreCanada has 15 categories available to choose from. If you think we need a new category for your type of business, just email and we will see what we can do.

  • Hotels, Motels & Resorts
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Adventures
  • Bus / Van / Boat Tours & Charters
  • Cottages & Rentals
  • Restaurants / Dining
  • Fishing Resorts & Hunting Lodges
  • Golf Resorts
  • Dude & Guest Ranches
  • Rv Parks / Campgrounds
  • Night Clubs / Pubs
  • Shopping / Gift Shops
  • Ski Resorts/ Lodges / Chalets
  • Auto and RV Rental
  • Spas


$99 a year. Tax included.

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Come Explore Canada



Maple Leaf icon Unlimited text to describe your business.

Visitors get a complete description of your business.  Other website's only allow you one paragraph of text to describe your business; not enough to give potential customers adequate information about your services. 

How do search engines like Google find and evaluate website's?  Their search is based on text, so why do other sites only allow you a three line paragraph of text to describe your business? Here at ComeExploreCanada we know the value of text and how Search Engines search for it.




Maple Leaf icon Direct Link To Your Website For SEO Purposes. Increase traffic to your website!

One way to increase traffic to your website is by having inbound links to your website. What are inbound links? It is a link from another website to your site. Why is this important? Many search engines consider the number of incoming links to a site a good indicator of that site's importance. In other words, when other sites—especially other higher ranked sites—link to your site, the higher your site's ranking will go.

How are we different from other website's? We give you a direct link to your website to help improve your position in the Search Engines. Take a look at some of the website's you already advertise with. If you have your website link on there it might look something like , but if you mouse over it you will see that the address is completely different. Example below:

What are they doing? They are telling the search engines not to index or remember the address because it is not important. If you look at the web address line, you'll see their website appears before your website. So in reality the link you have on their website does not count as a inbound link for you.

Go ahead and do a search for inbound link(s) and read why they are important.


Maple Leaf icon Up to 10 Large images with captions to showcase your business.

There is a saying, a picture is worth 1,000 words. ComeExploreCanada is proud to offer up to 10 large photos. Each can have accompanying text. So pictures on ComeExploreCanada can be worth a 1,000 plus words. Example below:


Maple Leaf icon Portion of money dedicated to Advertising ComeExploreCanada

Were does your money go?  Some of it goes to maintain this website, but unlike other website's that wait for people to find their website, we take a portion of the money and invest it into advertising this website into other large website's, newsletters, magazines and any others type of advertising that we feel will benefit your ad and other ads on ComeExploreCanada.

We think of ourselves as a promoting community. Many small businesses can't afford the thousands of dollars for a single ad in one issue of a magazine or advertising on the webs many avenues. That's where we come in. The bigger our community gets the larger our advertising campaign gets.




Maple Leaf icon Full page Ad will be submitted to Google Sitemaps.

We use Google Sitemaps to inform Google's crawler about your ad to help people discover more of your services and also helps people find your actual web site.

Why is this good? Search engines such as Google discover information about your site by employing software known as "spiders" to crawl the web. Once the spiders find a site, they follow links within the site to gather information about all the pages. The spiders periodically revisit sites to find new or changed content. With the inclusion on Google Sitemaps we are giving Google a helping hand by informing Google about all the pages on ComeExploreCanada. This way Google knows exactly were your ad is and does not have to find it on its own.




Maple Leaf icon Full page website will be SEO ready.

All Ads will be Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Ad will have personalized Title, Description and Keyword Meta tags. Ad will be added to Google Sitemaps and will be XHTML/W3C validated.










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